For the 'Age Demands Action' campaign we released balloons with a label "Age is a state of mind!"

From Vilnius in Lithuania, Aldona Reksniene writes: I am Vice-rector for Development and International Relations in Medardas Cobotas University of the Third Age (MCTAU). We have been in existence for 17 years with around 800 members in MCTA Vilnius and the number of U3As in Lithuania has now mounted to 24 with around 9000 in all U3As.

Activity Groups: There are 11 faculties in the MCTAU - Literature, Politology, Social Psychology, Languages, History, Music, Health, Tourism, Culture, Hobbies and Household culture. the possibility to have access to a number of convenient classrooms free of charge allows us to widely organize events other than classes. Apart from lectures, faculties arrange exhibitions of handicraft, visit theatres, museums, concerts, work in the Botanical garden in spring and autumn (pictured here), we organize numerous trips in the country as well as abroad. Last year we had a 3-day practical seminar "The road to active ageing" in the Botanical garden.

What makes our group successful: We are interesting and also interested; active, full of socialization, promoting a meaningful life of senior citizens who can still live on their own, be able to support and be in good contact and on good terms with the younger generation, give them their peace of mind, their knowledge and wisdom; and that surely is a sign that everything is O.K. in the society.
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