picture of HolaHello to everyone - I am Maria Angeles Tortosa from Valencia in Spain. Here are your answers:

1) Where? Programa intergeneracional "La Nau Gran" para mayores de 55 anos de la Universidad de Valencia, en Valencia city.

2) When it started? in 1999 and How many members in 2005? 850

3) Activities: the Nau Gran Program has 7 different curricular itineraries: Psychology, Social Sciences, Humanities, Art History, Geography and History, Health and Sciences. In each itinerati students take introductory courses and also elective and general courses that share with young students. Students have to earn between 900-1200 hours (3-4 years). There are also other complementary courses during February and June of specific subjects (cinema, astronomy, memory, arts, etc.) for Nau Gran students or other people who are not registrered to the itineraries, Health and Social Sciences cicle of conferences (entrance free) and excursions. There is more information of the Nau Gran Program at www.uv.es/%7Eviceext/indexc.html and you can find some pictures of our group here.