Maj Aldskogius, rector emerita, Ph.D. UPPSALA, Sweden
1. Name and location:
Uppsala U3A - Uppsala Pensionarsuniversitet, Box 386, SE 751 06 Uppsala, Sweden tel. + 46 18 24 35 01 Home page Internet: (in Swedish and English)

2. How many members? 1700. Annual fee ca 20 Euro, which includes two lectures in various topics each month September - May.

3. Range of activities: There are three different kinds of activities:

Lecture series, at least five each semester (cost: ca 30 Euro/semester = 60 Euro /year)
* multidisciplinary lecture series (history, art history, music history, energy-health-environment, current research themes, the development of gardens)

Study circles, over 50 each semester (cost ca 30 - 60 Euro/semester = 60 - 120 /year, depending on the length of the series)
* religion, philosophy, natural and social sciences (including e.g. bird watching)
* languages - both modern languages and e.g. Latin
* music (e.g. jazz), art (e.g. watercolour), writing
* IT classes (Word, digital photos etc.)
* research oriented study circles (e.g. to become and to be retired, what happened when we were young)

Study visits and tours, at least 10 per semester (varied costs)
* study visits in Sweden and abroad, sometimes prepared through a study circle before the trip
* trips to cultural activities in Sweden (theatre and opera performances, concerts, museums, exhibitions etc.)

4.What I like best about my U3A
The wide range of activities and the exchange of ideas, especially in the study circles.

5. My personal message
As an international coordinator of the Uppsala U3A I hope to establish links for exchange with other U3A members, especially in Europe. Please let me know if any U3A would like to discuss this further.

Maj Aldskogius
tel/fax. + 46 18 46 03 30