Rick Swindell. Name and location - U3A Online has no physical location. Rather, it is a virtual U3A located on the Internet, open to any older person from anywhere in the world. Our main activity is providing intellectually challenging courses particularly for older people who are carers, ill, immobile or otherwise unable to travel to a U3A meeting. However other U3A members can also join. Our second major aim is to provide resources for Australian and New Zealand U3A leaders to help them to meet their members' needs.

Number of members
Difficult to say at any one time but in August 2010 we have approximately 1400 members. Membership is for twelve months and the membership year is on an individual basis so the numbers are in a constant state of flow.

Range of activities
Our volunteers have now written over 35 courses, each of which represents about 8 weeks work. The beauty of the Internet is that courses can be written and led by any qualified person no matter where they live. If you'd like to try your hand at writing a course let us know and our volunteer course coordinator will show you the ropes.

All courses are completed online and discussion takes place via secure online forums. Courses can be undertaken as Independent study or, when they are available, with an online courses leader. Members can also participate in online social forums.

What I like best about my U3A
Comments on our website, such as....
"Nowadays, living alone and physically limited, I was being stupefied by knitting, crochet, patchwork, computer puzzles and occasional bus trips. There is a limit."
show that the online U3A community is making a big difference to the lives of isolated older people. In particular, frail people with sound minds are clearly finding extra meaning in life through their online courses and enjoying virtual friendships with people they'll never meet. I like the way that U3A people have a go at something new by offering to help other people to keep their minds alert.