picture of Sherbrooke mapMy name is Marie-Paule Hewitt-Banville.
I belong to UTA Sherbrooke, Qé. Canada. Our UTA is French speaking and the campus is strech on 26 campuses in Québec. We have around 8,000 members from city and rural area.

We have three types of activities: classes, workshops, arts and gymnastic. Each campus has an association that is the master of its program.

I belong to UTA since 1990 and have been involved in the programming, the association and all kind of committees to help the UTA run.

I follow many classes; from History, to theology, we also develop seminars on the new generation of seniors, we prepare facts sheets to help people to reflect on the advance of age.

We also develop a "Think tank" to help us in our own volunteer works outside UTA. As you can see UTA is a very important part in my life. It is a big help in getting together all the knowledge gathered during a life time.

The UTA help us being a better involved citizen. We are thinking of building bridges with others generations and we have many encounters with the regular students on our campus.