Ron Topp, President, Pakenham and District U.3.A.

Annual Fee $30. Totally Volunteer.

160 Members and rising rapidly

In 2005 23 Subjects as follows:-
*Introduction to Computer Computer Basics
*Introduction to Publisher Windows 2000 Publisher
*Creative Computer Publisher, Corel Magic, Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2 Arcsoft Photo 2000. Paint Shop Pro.
*Email and Searching the Web
*How to Read Music Beginners in 10 Lessons ( or we will break your arm !!)
*Monthly Graphics Session Questions and Answers arising from the above

*Philosophy, Scrabble, Current Affairs, Geology, Literature, Poetry Reading, Writers Group, Italian, Kings and Queens of England, Medieval History, Gardening, Trad Jazz

We put on many extra courses during the year and those to be presented this year are :- Digital Story Telling, How to make a Clock on a C.D., Convert your L.P,s and Tapes to C.D in MP3

What I like best. The fellowship the lack of grumbles and mature age people not talking about their medication, and the amazing life stories of the members.

My Personal message. Keep Learning, widen your horizons, don't resist change, do embrace younger people if they wish to join, redefine the U.3.A. boundaries to be as inclusive of all things where ever you can Carry your age with dignity and pride, be an example rather than a grumpy old fool.

We have a GREAT U.3.A. and the learning aspects together with the ability to relieve social isolation in this rural area is wonderful and we daily see examples of mature age people doing great stuff. We have an old house(grandly called U3A. House) we call home and enjoy very much.