Hi Jean - I'm Richard Aime of the Lifetime Learners Institute, located in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA.

2. We have 750 members.

3. We mainly give courses at the local community college where we are based. About 40 courses in both the Fall and Spring terms. Our members act as "Facilitators" and volunteer to lead the courses on their favorite subjects. We cover history, literature, religion, arts, sciences and many other fields. We also sponsor trips to interesting places not too far from home base, including New York City.

4. I like mostly the courses. They are not expensive and usually last up to eight weeks. It costs $25 to become a member and we charge $15 per course taken. As many as you like. I haven't been on one of the trips yet.

5. Our ILR is a godsend, even though we do have the privilege of attending the community college free of charge (if you're over 62), and they offer many interesting courses as well.