From team: Garry Clark, Fay Weatherley, John Ewen & Maureen Whineray

New Zealand U3A: There is no overall body which officially represents all U3A's in New Zealand. The website is an initiative by the Auckland and Canterbury Networks to produce a website with the following main features.

Local U3A: Each is directly responsible for their Home U3A page by logging in and updating contact details, website link (if they have one), upload newsletters as well as two pdf modules which can contain Guest Speaker and Interest Groups. The 2 modules they upload, are automatically embedded into the webpage. This means that anyone with the minimum of computer skills can update their Local U3A Home page. The website is device friendly from PC to mobile phone. The site is especially embraced by U3A without websites.

U3A List:

The website provides every U3A with an easy to remember domain name to their home page on the website. eg

In the "Find a U3A" section on the site, if there is no U3A, the page with map, will flag the closest U3A with distance.

Starting a U3A: Another role of this website, is to assist in establishing new U3A. There are pdf downloads to guide in the formation of new U3A. Anyone can use this material as a starter to adapt to local conditions. The Network Groups provide extra assistance.

NZ U3A website domain status: is now linked to is now the Auckland U3A Network is the Canterbury U3A Network Developmental site

Email: Contact can be made here

Comment: We welcome and encourage feedback and suggestions.