Helen Borg Bonnici of U3E Malta
1. Name and location of my U3A
We call ourselves U3E Malta ( A = Age ; E = Eta in Maltese or Italian). Our U3E is housed at the Old University building in Valletta.
There is also a branch in the sister Island of Gozo.

2. How many members? In Malta 650 members and in Gozo 40 this year.

3. Range of Activities We have a full programme of lectures in various subjects. Each subject- unit is made up of 8 consecutive weekly lectures.There are morning lectures in Valletta from Monday to Friday from 9.00a.m. to 11.a.m. and there are evening lectures in Sliema twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00p.m. to 7.00p.m.We are free to attend any study-units we like.

4.What I like best about my U3A I believe in life-long learning and U3A is a splendid way of satisfying my desire for learning. In addition, I have made so many friends. We have set up a U3A Choir . It is 60 Members strong. The number of ladies approx is four times greater than that of males! I am a Choir member.
Our U3A organises about 5 Cultural Tours a year to various places of interest on the Island.On the First Friday of every Month, we celebrate the Holy Eucharist together and afterwards enjoy having lunch together.(Last Friday, 6th May, we were a group of 115 and had a lovely lunch at the SeaBank Hotel in Mellieha Bay.)

5. My personal message Let us all enjoy our years of Retirement by using sensibly the time we have at our disposal!