picture of North LondanKeith Richards - London North - UK
I'm the previous Chairman of the Third Age Trust, which is the coordinating body for UK's Universities of the Third Age. Our North London U3A was founded just over ten years ago -and formally opened by Jean Thompson!. The original six group format has now expanded to sixty and we meet all over north London (from Barnet in the north to Cricklewood in the south) in members' homes, church halls, synagogues and community centres.

Once a month there is a general meeting, usually with an outside speaker who is unpaid. It might be an idea to give a more detailed description of the two groups I attend: (found in a separate file here).

The greatest pleasure is hearing people say 'I never thought I would 'teach', isn't it wonderful?' The belief that every member can be the occasion of a new interest group is the mark of U3A. Everyone's experiential learning is excitingly valid and our curriculum is infinite.