My name is Natasha Strommer, I belong to Kingston U3A, Australia and our slogan is "Friendship in Learning"

1. Kingston U3A is one of several dozens U3A-s in Melbourne, Victoria State, Australia. Our U3A is situated in Mordialloc suburb, South-East of the city.

2.We have above 300 members and growing each year.

3.Range of activities in our U3a is wide and can be summed up in several sizeable groups, as:
Technology and Science , which include various Computer groups, Internet and E-mailing, Genealogy, Astronomy, Why and How.
Health and Leisure, which include, Walking group, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Aerobics, Line dancing, Israeli dancing, Mah-jong, Crossword, Sudoku, Solo, Gardening, Let's Do Lunch .
History and Sociology, which include:, History of Australia, Islam, Current Affairs, Social studies (with wide varieties of topics), Investment Club .
Arts, Craft, Music, which include:, Photography, Painting with oils, Water colour Painting, Freehand drawing, Marquetry, Craft class, Classic Music appreciation, Jazz group, and the new Drama class.
Literature and Languages, which include:, Book discussing, Play reading, Poetry Appreciation, Creative writing, Italian, French.

New classes come up every year.

4. What I like best about my U3a - the very concept of a U3A as a place where I can still keep my mind and body as active as I want, participating in the range of activities.

5. My interests lie with the Science (particularly Astronomy) and Languages classes and my personal message to all "third age " people would be" "Come on, join us, participate and learn - and make friends in the process!"