U3A Kaunas Region

Location: Kaunas Region municipality has a population of 86,700. It is situated surrounding Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania which has a population of 308,000 with more U3A groups.

Membership: At present there are 11 divisions, so called "faculties" in the U3A, with the total number of 600 students. It is a not self-governing organization, but operates under the guidance of Adult Education Centre in Kaunas Region.

Activities: We work on a community basis and the teaching-learning activities take place at schools, culture houses, libraries, and community centers. The number of students in each division varies from 30 to 120. Since health is one of the most important issues at this age, the faculty of healthy lifestyle is the most popular one. Other topics of interest are: culture and arts, history, politics, psychology, handicrafts, etc. The forms of study vary from simple lectures to workshops, field trips, excursions, performances, competitions, brain battles, fairs, educational concerts, celebrations, etc. Travel abroad in spring is popular, and large groups visit Latvia, Estonia, Poland; and other European countries: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, The Czech Republic, and Sweden.

Personal comment: For more information about Kaunas Region U3A please see our web webpage www.centras.krs.lt/tau or contact Head of the Kaunas Region U3A Mrs. Edita Žaromskiene edita.zaromskiene at gmail.com