The Council of U3As in Nepal, seen above at a meeting with Tom Holloway in April 2013.

1. We started in 2006 and have grown to six groups in a short time. Some of these groups for elderly already existed and we have oriented them and given them a national identity and an international awareness. We are now registered as a Non-Government Organisation (NGO).

2. Membership: So far we have only 120 members in our groups but we are growing fast and trying to bring all of the many other existing groups under the umbrella of the Council of U3As.

3. Activities: Health and fitness events, informal programmes for schools such as poetry, English language, sports events, etc. Current affairs, religious programmes, tours of famous places, visits and help for Old Age Homes.

4. My personal comment is that U3As can contribute in various ways to reducing the inter-generation gap and bring the experience of elders to help society.

Jeevan Raj Lohani - Co-ordinator.