Dr Charles Afolabi J.P. is Executive Director of U3A Nigeria - his email is u3anigeria@yahoo.com
We are based in Ibadan and you can see from this map that Nigeria is a diverse country with many peoples and many languages.

We use intergenerational programmes to break the policy of segregation of older persons which are replaced with a strategy of participation in order to ensure a society of all ages and ineterchange of knowledge between the older persons and the youth.

U3A NIGERIA is striving that the elderly persons will not die with their ideas and vocations. We are making sure that these are passed on to the new generation. The elderly persons are important resource. When an old person dies a library vanishes, we want to try as much as possible that our senior citizens will not die with their experiences and skills. One major plank of our activity is to replicate good practices elsewhere by exchange of ideas and visits that can allow for cultural awareness and insights. Our members want to visit any of the U3As around the world and would appreciate members of these U3As to visit us in return and discover Nigeria.

Range of activities: Groups include:- Education Tourism group, Prayer Group, Language Group, Beautification and environment Group, Culture and Heritage Group, Research Group, counselling Group, library and information Group, histroy and Politics group, sports and Recreation Group, accident prevention Group, Publication Group, Expressive Arts for all ages to express themselves through arts, Crafts, Writing, Music, movement and Narrative Arts. Museum management and curatorship Group, bringing history to life for people of all ages, working in the service of a society that needs to know its past in order to inform the future and reserve the relics.

Personal thoughts: Our greying population in Nigeria is a skill reservoir which has to be fully utilised if we really want the ageing society to be maintained and continue its creativity and productiviity.