Hornsea U3A

Location: Hornsea is a small coastal town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, between Bridlington and Hull. The picture above is Hornsea Mere - the largest freshwater lake in Yorkshire.

Membership: our membership is currently around 180 members.

Activity groups: We offer Archaeology, Bird Watching, Book Group, Bowls, Bridge, Canasta, Craft Group, Computer Skills, Discussion Group, Family History, Folk Dancing, French, Gardening, Local History, Luncheon Club, Music Appreciation, Play Reading, Scrabble, Strollers, Supper Club, Theatre & Outings Group. For further information see our website at www.hornseau3a.org

Personal comment: Belonging to the U3A gives you the opportunity to meet new friends, learn a new skill and have a laugh. When I moved from the South East to Hornsea, I did not know a soul and now (4 years later) I have many friends and interests. It's a great organisation.
Susanne Jones