Geoff Preshner: Vice Chair of Hertford & District U3A UK (1993)

!. Hertford is 30 miles north of London.

2 We have 1150 members and we post a 6 page monthly news letter called CONTACT to about 700 members (including 250 married couples) and E-mail the rest.

3. We have over 120 groups covering 80 different activities, including 9 types of walking groups, 20 Art groups and 10 performing Art groups and 11 Practical Art Activities. There is also a science & technology group and theatre and concert groups, which are 'Open to all Groups'. Ffinally, we run 19 Sports & physical activities, which include my own Sailing Group. We have nearly 400 members at our monthly meetings and hold many occasional meetings around the area of Hertford

4 .Like many other U3As, we do appreciate the essential core work carried out by the Group Leaders and do our best to reward them at our Group Leaders and new members meetings.

5. We support the Region and take part in all Regional activities , We have recently had a very successful Regional Study day with 200 members from 13 U3As, where I feel the term "What do I like about my U3A" was created by Barbara Lewis.

6. I am so pleased that the the views expressed by so many U3As in this country is also being held by U3As overseas, i.e. " that the U3A is a Great Company of Friends who love meeting,and care a lot about each other", repeating what Aina from Melbourne, Australia said "Join the U3A and keep the doctor away".