Mike Williams - Hastings & Rother
1. Location of my U3A: Hastings & Rother U3A is in the county of Sussex on the south coast of England, east of Brighton.

2. How many members? Currently 243 members which is pretty close to the UK national average.

3. Range of Activities: We have groups in History, Languages, Walking, Music Appreciation, Art Appreciation, Reading, Theatre, Antiques, Debate, Bridge, Scrabble and Painting to mention just a few.

4. What I like best about my U3A: It is very sociable and there are many friendships within it. Members are enthusiastic about U3A ideals and see their membership as one of the most important features of their lives.

5. My personal message: I have been Vice-Chairman of my U3A and am now Treasurer. I also edit the Newsletter. These activities mean that I am able to be in touch with more of the membership than most people. I also do things on a national level - but that's another story. My message is that membership of U3A has to be one of the most successful ways of bringing fulfilment and pleasure into older people's lives.