Eileen and Leslie Perrin - 25.1.2005

1. Name and location of my U3A - Harrow U3A in Middlesex, north of London.

2. How many members? Approximately over one thousand.

3. Range of Activities Art Appreciation, Literature, History, Languages, Mathematics, Music, Walking, Tours in Europe, Museum & Theatre visits, Talks, Current Affairs, Astronomy, Psychology, Creative Writing, Folk Dancing, Painting, Computer Skills.

4. What I like best about my U3A: The chance to try new subjects in venues not too far away from my home, and the chance to hold groups in my house on subjects I wish to pursue in depth.

5. My personal message: My husband and I are both aged 80 plus and have lived in our present home for over 20 years and we both retired from jobs in London in 1986. My husband was in magazine publishing and I was a P.A. attached to the Head of Science in a College of Further Education. We celebrate our Diamond Wedding on July 10th this year. We have a son and a daughter and six grandchildren.

We joined the U3A in 1991. I had a 'home' Creative Writing group for over twelve years. Having just ended that, I now run a new group studying English History in the 18th Century, also in our home. I hope that someone with similar interests will contact us by e mail.