U3A Dobara Project Network

As a service we prefer AVOIDING falls rather than helping with broken bones afterwards. The easiest way to do that is to keep healthy through exercise and regular active friendships. But there is a lot your own local U3A members can do - maybe bringing someone from their home in a wheelchair.

This is what your U3A Group members can do for themselves and as a public service - ask at your next meeting
Advice on cheap non-slip floors? (Don't buy rubber mats, commercial non-slip surface material is much cheaper). Where to buy a strong 'Walker' at a reasonable cost? or even how to get a local garage to make one for you - they will not ask for very much. New public buildings going up near you? Visit to see if they have good non-slip floors, bannisters, grab-bars. wheelchair access

Local school classes 9 and 10 often have students hoping to earn 'Community Help Awards' by visiting a senior who is house-bound and would like a 15-minute chat. Speak to a Headteacher.

Members recovering from a fall? Go for a visit to give them the latest news - cheer them up

A house-bound member struggling with their email? Get one of your 'techies' to show them how it's done