Universite Inter-Ages de Creteil et du Val-de-Marne, in France

Location: We are situated near Paris, about 25 minutes by Metro ;

Number of members: We now have about 1,300 members

Range of Activites: Our activities consist of some 10 to 25 conferences per month, some 20 or more guided visites of museums in Paris or at locations near Paris and a few guided sight seeing tours in or around Paris. Our main activities however consist of Painting and Drawing courses, six language courses, some 33 Humanities courses including History, Literature, Egyptology, Musicology, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology, only to mention a few. We, of course, have computer courses ranging from Beginners to Intermediate and Advanced courses, including Word, Excel, digital photography, video editing, photoshop, and not but not least we have a few Science courses in Botonic Garderning, Stars-Space and Man, and a short course of Man and Nature.

What I like best about my U3A: My friends and I had a talk about this and they tell me (and I agree) what they like most about UIA of Creteil is the wide range of courses, the fair prices and above all the competence of the Professors who are for the most part are paid Professors, except for a small number of volunteers teachers in specialised areas such as Computer Courses and some Language Teachers,

My Personal message: I am not a member of the Board nor active in much of anything but I know people who work many hours at their homes so our UIA ,and maybe yours too, keeps running. I hope that the members of UIA’s or U3A’s around the World appreciate all the work that volunteer and unknown and usually unrewarded people do so that UIA’s or U3A’s are working.

Jean Pierre