Association of Third Age University Network

Location: Our Head Office is in the city of Almeirim, about 40 miles from Lisbon.

Membership: Today, RUTIS has 300 U3A members in the network, which corresponds to 45.000 senior students and 5.000 volunteer teachers. We have members in Portugal, Portuguese Islands, South Africa and Brazil. RUTIS is also a member of the Portuguese Social and Economic council.

Activities: Third Age Universities’ national meeting, general knowledge quiz show, meeting for coordinators, theatre festivals, music festivals and dance festivals. All projects developed by civil society associations, associations that promote volunteering, associations that develop activities for the senior population and that have insurance for the participants can be associated to RUTIS.

RUTIS has also developed the NEA, which is an active ageing investigation centre, where we support all investigation in this area.

Personal: We hope U3A members from abroad will sign up to our conference in Porto, which is in February 2017. Further information and contact details can be found here >>>


Giselle Janeiro
Gerontologist & Project Coordinator